One shot interview with Josh iskander

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one shot interview with Josh iskander 

What made you push the shutter button to capture this image?



We’d followed Kate and Stephen up to Haytor (Devon) for a short portraiture session. Both had said “we hate being in front of camera and will hate posing…”. I sat them down when the light seemed good and they chatted about the surrounding ponies, Haytor and looked out across the view. I snapped this from the hip with a 50mm lens. I thought the image had the potential to feel a classic without being officially posed in any way.



Is this image part of a wider project, if so what is the projects focus?


No not part of a wider project, a wedding early on in my wedding photography career.


Why is this image special to you?



The process of choosing one photograph was harder than expected…….. I narrowed it down to about six images but this one kept coming back as important. I should clarify, I believe, I have taken technically better photographs. I have also taken photographs that mean more to me on a personal level, like my new born children etc. However, I think this photograph was a defining moment for me and my photography journey for several reasons. I never wanted to be the stereotypical wedding photographer who takes far too long with the group shots and removes the bride and groom from their guests for a couple of hours for portraits. We did this shoot in well under 10 mins and they got back to their guests. I didn’t pose them once, we just chatted and had a laugh. I made the decision from then on not to formally pose any couple but only look for flattering light and chat with them. Before this wedding I had emailed a photographer I hugely admired (Ross Harvey - still hugely admire) asking for advice on gear and approach. He came back and said ‘buy a D750 and a 35mm/50mm lens and get good with it. If you do that you’ll be better than most’ - I did exactly that and shot this wedding with one camera and one lens - I had more in the bag but didn’t touch them. It opened my eyes to prime lenses, getting closer and really interacting with the people I was photographing. Since then my style and approach have been simpler, I have enjoyed weddings even more



Is there any photography books that inspired you to capture this image?


Not really. This was taken probably on my fourth ever wedding so I was very much new to the game and finding my style/feet. I love documentary photography so have since enjoyed: Magnums 'Contact Sheets', Magnum ‘Home', Greg Williams’ ‘Bond on Set’ books. 


What camera are you currently using?


Main camera Nikon D750 and 35mm. I have toyed with going to FujiFilm over and over as the X100 was my favourite camera ever. 


Please tell us about yourself


  I am a professional Teacher and Head of Year in a secondary school in Devon. I am married to Hannah and have three children; Evie, Harry and Erin. I love my job and all that comes with it but I also am a totally passionate photographer. I have loved photography since my dad bought me a Nikon D40 in 2007 probably even before this. Since then I have taken A Level photography, had work published in magazines and regularly shot 10 or more weddings a year. I absolutely love people, therefore wedding photography was a natural progression for me. My ambition is to continue to build my photography business and extend into corporate and event photography alongside my wedding photography. I carry a camera everywhere and am not ashamed about being ’that guy with his camera’. 


Links to your social media and website 

Instagram: @Joshiskanderphotography

Facebook: @joshiskanderphotography






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