One shot interview with Gladys Yelland

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One shot interview with Gladys Yelland


 What made you push the shutter button to capture this image?

 I loved how the lines bent into the mirror and I shot it quickly within a couple of seconds. Gives a lot to the imagination


  Is this image part of a wider project, if so what is the projects focus?

No, but I am currently looking into doing projects in the near future but as I have only being doing street and photography in general for over three years, I have been mainly out and practising.I believe you have to go out and shoot at least once or twice a week.


 Why is this image special to you?


 It special is because I shot something mundane and tried to make it look interesting with a bit of imagination. It was interesting to see how both I and a fellow street photographer took this shot and yet had totally different photo and perspective. It goes to show we all shoot our own way and have our own perspectives in life.


Is there any photography books that inspired you to capture this image?


 Interestingly, no but I have been told it has a lot of influences of vivian maier and that is so flattering in so many levels as I love her work and she is a true inspiration.


What camera are you currently using?


  Fuji xe3


Please tell us about yourself


 I originally worked as as software engineer for different sectors from medicine to business software. I originally come from an engineering and mathematical background but always

had a great appreciation for the arts . Four to three years ago, i decided to take a career break to spent more time with growing up my family as I felt at the time I couldn't fully concentrate

on my girls and work. However, I found my mind still needed to be kept active, so initially I bought myself a shoot  and point camera and took  general pics and edited them on mobile apps. I was disappointed 

with the pics I was producing, Then 8 months down the line my hubby got me my first ever camera a canon and I was like how the hell do I work this. So I went on a basic course to get myself out of auto mode and went on manual.

After a day with Rich, I then started shooting general things and then I saw a course online on street photography with Ami Strachan. I just fell in love with her images and booked myself on it. I felt Ami gave me the confident to go out and shoot.

Ami was so encouraging she said the only way to learn is go out and shoot yourself and you will learn all the mistakes you make. So I did that and just got hooked. I just couldn't stop myself shooting city life, and people watching 

and chatting with people taught me so much about people..How we are so similar in a lot of ways. I then started a photography course to start learning different genres but street is something I will always love.


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