One shot interview with Orna Naor

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One shot interview with Orna Naor

This image is part of a continuous project called "women of the sea"; Israeli women from Machsom Watch organisation arrange for women and children from Palestinian villages to come to the sea summer time  ; for most of them it's their first time in their life. 

I'm taking their pictures for the last 3 years,  watching the joy and laughter,  the relations between women from both sides; my purpose in this project,  as in other projects and pictures I'm taking,  is to show we are all, all, just people who can enjoy the beaches and each other's company.  Not 'Palestinians' and 'Israelis"; people. 

I often say I am trying to regain humanity to humanity.



I'm using Fuji xt-3 and Leica Q2


My name is Orna Naor,  I'm a street photographer from Tel Aviv; participated in many exhibitions in Israel and all over the world; Winner of the Local Testimony Exhibition 2016, 2017, 2018 , Miami Street Festival 2019 and more.







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