One shot interview with Daniele dainelli

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One shot interview with Daniele Dainelli


What made you push the shutter button to capture this image?


I was in india , in the holy city of Varanasi, during the Shiva Festival in august 2018. The alleys were full of these people with little orange containers in their hands. They were taking the water from the Gange river in order to bring it, to their countries. Those peregrines came from all over India, and this thing made me totally amazed. you can feel in the air, a powerful sensation when you understand how important is the Gange river for indians.I found a cool painting on a blue wall, where there was a tiger hunting a gazelle, and shortly after i saw a man who was walking there, so i decided to push the shutter when he was in the center of the painting.He looked at me in the same time that i push the shutter.The blue wall is also a very strong cover for the subject.

Is this image part of a wider project, if so what is the projects focus?

This image is part of my last project about India, called “Struggle For Saints. This project is my vision and analysis about the duality that leads indians in a balance between the struggle of the daily life and the necessary search for the religion.


Why is this image special to you?


This image is very important to me because it made me understand the beauty of every different religious tradition that we can find in the world. It’s wonderful to dive in other cultures and admire them for the first time. So photography it’s a great instrument to discover and know people.


Is there any photography books that inspired you to capture this image?


No there isn’t a specific book that made me take that photograph, but i often buy books to improve my skills. I consider books an important thing to understand photography, taking examples from the classics and also from the modern ones.


What camera are you currently using?

Currently i’m using a fuji film xe2 with a good flash. It’s very small, and so i can bring with me in a lot of situations. I also have used a canon 6d for many street photos with a bigger metz flash, but it’s too much heavy and not so comfortable to bring around the streets.I always bring with me also a compact film camera, the Olympus xa.


Please tell us about yourself


 Hello, I’m Daniele Dainelli, a street photographer based in Florence. i started taking pictures in2012, when i bought my first canon reflex. I started to shoot landscapes and seascapes, as you know here in Tuscany it’s full of wonderful settings. Then i started to discover the pleasure of wandering in the cities of the world, catching with my eyes, every kind of possible beauty. In 2019 i printed my first zine , about the “Struggle For Saints” project, and i made an important solo exhibit in Florence.



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