One shot interview with Jodie House

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One shot interview with Jodie House

What made you push the shutter button to capture this image?


The shoot (travelling circus) was spent understanding how the lives of the people, especially the young women, had been shaped by their commitment to performing. Nearly all the girls had not ever attended school and the was all they know. They were understandably reserved about the circus (they are still using animals in their performances) but I felt that this image captured the strength they have.



Is this image part of a wider project, if so what is the projects focus?


It's part of an ongoing interest in people who have or continue to live on the fringes of our normal. I spent many years living, existing, on the fringe of society and as an adult that connection has continued through some of the photography that I do. I am a frontline youth worker and am working on a long term disposable camera project (15 years old now) called MySpaceMyPlace with disengaged young adults. I have over 1000 images that hope to capture a generation who are dismissed by society in a number ways. 



Why is this image special to you?


It shows strength and re-presents these young women.


Is there any photography books that inspired you to capture this image?


So many that explore close relationships and those nuances that matter in photography.


Nick Waplington - Living Room, that book gives me goosebumps. I will own that one day! 


Richard Billingham - Ray's A Laugh - I got to see the dummy last year at the Martin Parr Foundation. 


Ciaran Og Arnold - I went to the worst of bars...


Nan Goldin - The Ballad Of Sexual Dependancy 


I trained in filmmaking and early Nick Broomfield films I love, Robert J Flaherty Nanook of the North is great and so is When the Levees Broke by Spike Lee. 



What camera are you currently using?


RicohGr ii and Canon Mark 5D


Please tell us about yourself


I am a single mum and independent tutor and youth project manager. I live in Weymouth, in Dorset and travel and shoot as often as I can. I am an active street photographer and supporter of Womeninstreet (a collective of fabulous street shooters).

I am interested in the nuances of human life and practice NLP which I feel does cross over to photographing human interest stories. I am an observer, but easily distracted and like to be a bit scared. 

My next big solo trip is in October 2020, revisiting Salinas in California where I will be shooting for a couple of weeks.

I also create paper collages, influenced by society and the relationships that we all have with each other. 



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