One shot interview with Adam Maizey

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One shot interview with Adam Maizey



What made you push the shutter button to capture this image?


The picture was taken in The Blue Mosque, Istanbul last year. I stood there for quite a while waiting for people to move out of the area as I was interested in how the grey fake pillars looked so odd against the really busy patterned carpet. The plywood pillars were covering up steel girders that were supporting the ceiling whilst repair work was going on.



Is this image part of a wider project, if so what is the projects focus?


I was in Istanbul taking part in a Street Photography workshop for a couple of days, the remainder of the time was my own to explore. 



Why is this image special to you?


I shot this on a medium format camera which gave a hell of a lot of detail, but also made the image look like its been heavily Photoshopped (I actually do very few tweaks to my images, I am lazy) and has a feeling of being unreal. Its like a high definition Minecraft screen grab, its just really odd. I like the kid taking a picture of his dad on the left hand side, the people praying in the distance, the colours, the overall surreal feeling.


Is there any photography books that inspired you to capture this image?


I love the work of Alec Soth and also Mark Power and so I think anything I take has a little bit of their influence on me in one way or another but mostly subconsciously. I do not go out to copy anyone, but what you read and look at influences the way you see right? If you do not know Soth’s Sleeping By The Mississippi or Power’s Good Morning America books, you are missing out. 



What camera are you currently using?


Oh gawd. Mostly the Fuji GFX system, but I also got the new X100V just prior to this bloody awful Coronavirus lockdown and its made going out to use it impossible. I am not one for messing about shooting a lot at home other than pictures of Ted terrier in the back garden with an iPhone. I also use a Leica Q a lot for an ongoing project/commission which started about 18 months ago. I do not want to change the camera halfway through. I use a Leica MP when I feel like a lazy and slow day and finally I mess about with a Ricoh GRiii.  I carry a camera everywhere.



Please tell us about yourself


50, happily relaxed in North Norfolk with my wonderful partner Carol (she may read this). Father of Max, and a plaything for Ted terrier. I normally take photos every single day. Street Photography is my first love but New Topographics are a very close second. Formally known as The White Wall W****r, don’t ask…



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Insta - adam_maizey



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