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The interview 

I have been recently be managing the Leica Q photography group, I have been changing the banner of the group page every few weeks. I have been enjoying creating a competition for photographers of the group to send in their images so I can judge the images. The winners will then be the banner for the next few weeks. The level of the images that have been submitted are outstanding I believe people need a chance to talk and express their thoughts about their imagery. I would also like to find out more about the images myself I then decided to empower the photographers of the group and give them exposure by interviewing the winners, this has been a really enjoyable experience I will be continuing to run this competition on the group but also create a need to emotional express the art of photography.


Below there is the recent interviews and images from the Leica Q photography group.


Interview one

Luca Vinci 

Ryan: What made you capture this image? 


Luca: it was 1.AM o’clock and I was coming back in Hotel, in Asakusa, one of my favourite district in Tokyo. Then, I found this image, I waited the man was in the middle of Temple for shooting; and I understood immediately this image was the cover of my third Japanese Book.


Ryan: is this image part of a wider series? 


Luca: My first Japanese book has taken with Canon 5D and Fuji X100s, (too heavy for my shoulders to carry around). For the second travel and book, I travelled light with Sony RX100M4 (Small High Quality Camera, but with less feeling inside the hands).


Ryan: what do you enjoy about using the Lieca Q?


Luca: last year I tried Leica Q and I was falling in Love: “she” was my definitely camera for my travel.

With “her” 28mm I can “write” much inside a picture.

Recently, I come back from India but my heart wants to go again in Japan with my Leica Q.



My Facebook Page:



Interview two

Vivek Prabhakar

What made you capture this image?


The moment I saw the cotton candy seller, I knew there was a picture in there somewhere. I followed him around before I was happy with the frame. This was taken at 7 am.


Where was this taken?


This was taken at the Magh Mela which is one of the most crowded festivals in India. Over half a million people a day visit to take a dip in the holy water to cleanse themselves.



Small bit bout yourself? 


A bit about myself. I picked up the camera in 2017 for the first time. I love shooting street. Camera of choice is the Leica Q.


Link to your website/FB page?


More of my stuff can be seen at


Interview three

Levanter váradi

Since early childhood I have strived for an understanding of Hungarian folk dance and authentic culture of ethnic groups livink in this region. I was an active dancer for 22 years. 

I have taught folk dance and managed folk dance clubs and classes for many years in Hungary and in California.

In the process of learning the Hungarian folk dances, I interest grew also in the related arts, especially photography.

I started focusing more on photography during my university years, I have been greatly influenced by the work and documentary photographs of Hungarian photographer Péter Korniss, particularly Korniss’s photos of the Honvéd Ensemble. From my mentor, Péter Siklós, learned analog photography as well as dance and theatrical photography.


Photo story


The photo is made as part of an international program that I have been created in 2017.


The program is called the Holy Lanterns, whose purpose is to present the cultural value saving of the Carpathian Basin in Europe.


In the framework of the Szent Lámpások program, I use the tools of photography to present the efforts of the Carpathian Basin and the surviving  community to preserve the traditional peasant culture.


  The Holy Lanterns are outstanding individuals in Hungary and across the border who help locally assist the dispersion communities with their pedagogical programs based on local folklore.


For the purpose of authentication, I spend several months in the given regions annually.


The photo was made with Leica Q. The Transylvanian Kalotaszeg in 2018.


The official page of the program has not yet been completed.




My photos are partially found here, my brand is:


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